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l  Circulation Priviledge
Upon presenting a valid card, users can borrow books subject to the loan quotas and loan periods listed below.
Categories of borrowers
Loan quotas
10 copies
Graduate students
10 copies
Undergraduate students
6 copies
  2、Loan periods for general books
Categories of borrowers
30 days
Graduate students
30 days
Undergraduate students
30 days
2  Borrowing and Returning Books
The Library adopts an open-shelf mode. Users can use the library catalogs to search for all types of items in the respective collections and then enter the Stack Room with a card of book replacement. If not borrowing the book, the book should be put back in its original place , but can not be left about arbitrarily.
In order to meet the needs of others, the user is responsible for returning borrowed material to the library on time. The user can return books where he borrowed them during the closed hours of the library.
  l、 Renewals
Books of circulation nature may be renewed once online by borrowers provided that no one else has placed holds on the books.
Renewal is allowed only within 10 days before the due date of the checked out books, and is treated as a continuation of loan.
  2、 Requestings
Requesting service is only available to faculty and graduate students. Users may check the information by logging on to "My library” in OPAC. When the requested book is available, please collect the book within 3 working days after receiving the notification; otherwise the request would be cancelled automatically.
3  Losses and Damage
Any defect or damage to library material should be reported to the library staff when it is noticed, and the book concerned should not be checked out.
Users shall be held responsible for any loss or damage of the library materials while in their charge and shall be liable to compensate.
  1、For lost books
User may offer the library a copy of identical edition of the lost book (if still in print), or a copy of newer edition (the approval of the library is required).
If the lost book is out of print, the compensation will be calculated by the original price * 3 for normal books and *5 for rare books.
The original price in foreign currency needs to be converted into Chinese RMB at the current exchange rate.
  2、For damaged books
If the book is seriously damaged, the compensation will be the same as for lost books.


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