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Primary Responsibilities
Reference & Information Department is located on the third floor of Wutai library. Reference Librarians offer a variety of services such as answering users' enquiries, conducting instruction sessions, providing services of scientific project novelty search, citation search, interlibrary loan, document delivery and any other reference services.
1 Document Delivery
1、If you want to apply for an article, Please go to Reference & Consultation Department.
2、Fill in the form about your request details, we will search the articles for you.
3、Before you apply for the full articles, you must provide the bibliographical information (for example: journal name, article title, volume information, and so on)
4、We will offer you PDF documents.
2 Novelty Search
Nanjing Medical University library provides novelty search, which works in cooperation with Southeast University workstation, who has the authority of the ministry of education. Novelty search aims at identifying the originality of a given research project. Through information retrieval, related documents are selected, analyzed and compared to the project. A novelty search report is offered to the reader.
Novelty Search retrieves and gathers related bibliographic documents and ultimately offers a reasonable, analytical report after investigation and comparison, in accordance with a given research project.
1、Applications include:
  •   Orientation to opening new research 
  •   Patent Application 
  •   Others
2、Search resources:
Database Resources and Print Collection.
 For more information, Please contact Reference & Consultation Section at 025-86862851
3 Citation search
According to the needs of readers, we search for and provide the readers with information that whether their papers are embodied or cited by domestic and international authoritative databases such as SCI, CSSCI、CNKI etc. And we also provide readers retrieval testimony according to the retrieval result.
Procedures and precautions:
1、The consignor shall download Retrieval orders of the embodied or cited document, fill in the corresponding content accurately, and send an email to;
2、Please provide paper’s table of contents as accurate as possible in order to ensure the accuracy. The table of contents should include the following parts: the author; the title; journal title; volume (period); pages and so on, and also the selected databases(SCI, CSSCI、CNKI etc)
3、Librarians shall retrieve based on the above information, arrange the results and also issue the retrieval testimony with official seal finally. And we charge appropriately.
4 Special Topic Retrieval
We search the thematic information for users to their consigned subject, using the domestic and foreign database retrieval system、network information resources and also the collaborative relationship with other libraries, and we refer users the search result by various forms, such as bibliographies, indexes, abstracts, full texts/compilations and so on. At the same time, we provide special topic retrieval service regularly or irregularly according to users’ information needs of some special topic, and also feedback latest search results in time.
Retrieval course & Training
1、The librarians of Reference & Information Department are also charged with Document Retrieval Course of undergraduate and graduate.
2、Regular trainings content includes the introduction of subject resources, retrieval and acquisition skills of various types of documents.
5 Ask a Librarian
Reference service aims to help users find pertinent information efficiently and effectively. If you have questions on finding information, you can either Ask a Librarian or learn the information skills through various ways.
Ask Us
by email
Fill out our web form to get help from our subject experts: mail to
by phone
The telephone number of Reference & Information Department is 025-86862851
in person
Communication with the librarian face to face.
Reference & Information Department (the third floor of the library)
 Monday to Friday am8:00-12:00 pm2:00-5:30 (Except holidays)


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